038 – You go far beyond every thought of yours

Interview mit Nicole Macias McNamara - Manager, Teacher and Spiritual Seeker


15. Oktober 2019


Meet my interview-partner Nicole Macias McNamara today, living between Hawai, where she and her family are creating a healing center for surfers, and Portugal.

What a gorgeous soul and woman. I meet Nicole Macias McNamara at the Ana Forrest Yoga Teachers training in Bali where she travelled to with her family, including her two kids. Yes, she is traveling the world, being a mom of two, a sister, a daughter, a wife, the manager of her husband, the famous surfer Garrett McNamara, a passionated teacher and if it would`t be for a grandma, who is a part of the new age movement, she probably would have not dived so deeply into a highly connected spiritual life.

  • Why we all have that little something we can give to the world?
  • How do you find that little something?
  • How to travel the world with your family and kids?
  • How to manage your own husband?
  • What does the new age movement mean today?

In this episode all these questions will be answered and you will encounter an honest, humorous and strong woman who managed to live her dream. Compromises – yell yeah, but it depends where you heading to…Listen now!

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How to connect with Nicole:
Instagram @mammaunearthed

One of the many book recommendations of Nicole:
Light is the new black – Rebecca Campbell

Thank you for listening and never forget…Let your hurt burst!


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